Here at E J Stansfield we are passionate about making our customers have the most enjoyable and most professional experience with us our dealership.
In this ever changing world we are so committed to keep our staff up to date and practicing the most recent legislation.

Consumer Duty: the three rules

The three Consumer Duty rules require companies to:

1. Act in good faith towards customers

2. Avoid causing foreseeable harm to customers

3. Allow and support customers to ‘pursue their financial objectives’

As a company we make sure that we always do the right thing by the customer as explained in this we will outline what we do

When a customer is asking about finance, we go through our process to determine what are the needs of the customer and what vans will be suitable and affordable for them. We then ask them what their credit profile is like and if they have had any issues in the past to determine what company is best to send the customer application to avoid declines on the customer’s credit profile. Once the correct finance company has been selected, we then make sure that the customer knows what they are doing and make sure that they are making the most informed decision. Once the application process has been completed and we have an acceptance or decline we then decide our next steps. If the customer is accepted, we then give the customer adequate time to think and make sure it’s the correct decision and affordable for them. If they are rejected, we will then send them to a different lender to see if they can help and be in talks with the customer to see what they would like us to do and to see if finance is the best option for them. Never would we send a customer to the wrong lender for the commission earned we only send them to a lender based on the information provided to us and what’s best for the customer.

Once a customer comes to the signing part of their agreement, we make sure that we go through all the pre contract and make sure that they have a full understanding of what they are signing and have no outstanding question. Once this has been determined and the customer is happy to sign the documents, we leave them and give them adequate time to read and then complete their signing. Once this is done, we then complete the handover stage and hand the van over to the customer.